Blasting Our Cummins Galaxie With NITROUS! Dyno Boggin the NEW Fuel System Upgrades!

  • Published on:  Friday, July 26, 2019
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    Finally time to see if our fuel system mods from Power Driven Diesel are helping! The Galaxie is a RIPPER!

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  • Ronald Lambier

    Ronald Lambier

     4 days ago

    Too make even more power you should have added either Propane or Natural Gas to the Mix along with the Nitrous. That's what they do to Logging Trucks in the Mountains.

  • Richard -

    Richard -

     7 days ago

    You should add propane injection as well. It will get rid of a lot of the black smoke because it creates more complete combustion. Great video

  • James Belair

    James Belair

     7 days ago

    13:25 bent rear axle causing wheel wobble?

  • miming aming

    miming aming

     7 days ago

    cerita sja bnyak,org terus lah tengok apa yg di buat,mulauu

  • Derek Nowlin

    Derek Nowlin

     14 days ago

    i want that motor in my 61 caddy. neeeeeeeddddd thatttttttt

  • Jonathon Pettit

    Jonathon Pettit

     21 days ago

    Put dryer ducting on the exhaust and route it out the shop😂

  • moyadapne


     21 days ago

    What a perfect car for a road trip. (New wheels though.)

  • Bryan Wilder

    Bryan Wilder

     21 days ago

    I hear propane is like nitrous to diesel. Clearwater Florida?



     28 days ago

    what turbo are you guys running?

  • Marcelo Esquivel

    Marcelo Esquivel

     28 days ago

    I wish I can have that white camero ss😔😍😍😍😍

  • hxtr


     28 days ago

    11:26 That real wheel not strait.. . Please fix before racing. Safety first. OK fine safety second for you guys. ;)

  • Kenneth Deli

    Kenneth Deli

     1 months ago

    Cant be more American than laying down 1135 on a wobbly back wheel!!

  • fellenXD


     1 months ago +1

    9:07 pure concentrated cancer.

  • Beowulf


     1 months ago +5

    the hotter the diesel engine is the more diesel will actually be ignited. diesels love heat and they are more efficient hot

  • PekkaRUS


     1 months ago


  • MadMan Monty

    MadMan Monty

     1 months ago

    I dont think it spun. The nitrous cut out when it started spraying on the last run. I think shes got more in her with a good solid spray like the first run with nitrous

  • Sweet Meat

    Sweet Meat

     1 months ago

    whoa that thing makes 1135lbs of torq, and the way the wheel was wobbling on the dyno had me scared it was gonna snap those axels lol but wow you gotta do some pulls in mexico with that beast!

  • sacrenough


     1 months ago +1

    This car is irresponsibly nasty and i need to build one!

  • Derek Duncan

    Derek Duncan

     1 months ago

    Put on another solenoid

  • Toby Dyes

    Toby Dyes

     1 months ago

    it's a diesel what did you expect