Live PD: Mama Is Mad (Season 3) | A&E

  • Published on:  Thursday, November 1, 2018
  • While on a routine patrol, an officer spots a teenager throwing up on the ground outside a hotel, and in a hotel room, finds many other minors as well as the odor of marijuana in this clip from "10.06.18". #LivePD
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    "As the debate over the policing of America continues to be a part of the daily conversation across the nation, Live PD viewers get unfettered and unfiltered live access inside a variety of the country’s busiest police forces, both urban and rural, and the communities they patrol on a typical night. Viewers are encouraged to post their comments about what they witness throughout the night on Facebook and Twitter.

    In-studio host, ABC’s Dan Abrams, alongside analyst Tom Morris Jr., guide viewers through the night, giving insight to what audiences see in real time (via a mix of dash cams, fixed rig and handheld cameras), bouncing minute-by-minute between the featured police departments and offering an inside look at each live incident."

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  • Mike Urban

    Mike Urban

     10 hours ago

    I'm sure their fathers will set them straight 🙈🙉🙊

  • Jimmyj Irons

    Jimmyj Irons

     14 hours ago

    Li fellas keep your mouth shut ....

  • Some guy Named God

    Some guy Named God

     16 hours ago

    Why didn’t the one who got them caught just puke in the bathroom? This whole situation could’ve been avoided.

  • Scott O

    Scott O

     18 hours ago

    Cop arrests people for using and possessing drugs.... cop uses steroids. SMH.

  • Charlie Kiernan

    Charlie Kiernan

     22 hours ago

    Brooo, why do I keep seeing this apartment on live PD, isnt this the same place those crackheads were asked to leave and where that guy jumped in the window?

  • Alexis Eiland

    Alexis Eiland


    Oh my god 😂





  • Steve Conkey

    Steve Conkey


    How do 15 year olds rent a motel room?

  • Davidowusu101



    He would have not got in trouble if he threw up in the bathroom




    hey mister police - are steroids legal in the usa ?

  • Alasadi Ahmad

    Alasadi Ahmad

     2 days ago

    She had handcuffs in her car 😂😂 your mama is undercover 😂

  • M L

    M L

     2 days ago

    Jesus Christ that guy is swole



     2 days ago

    Me looking at the weed being treated like an illegal drug in Canada smoking a nice blunt

  • Alejandra Tellez

    Alejandra Tellez

     3 days ago

    Nobody notice the mom has handcuffs on her driver mirror?

  • Jesse Parsh

    Jesse Parsh

     3 days ago

    That mom is faking it 100%. She knows what he does and probably contributes to it.

  • green l

    green l

     3 days ago

    Why they just run up in there like that

  • Corderro Faulkner

    Corderro Faulkner

     3 days ago

    I'm going to jail cos I aint snitching and what the he'll was those young kids doing in that room with no supervision

  • jw1


     3 days ago +1

    Ironic they're worried about some weed when that cop sticks illegal substances in his body all the time. The guns are a different story

  • Wilbur Crozier

    Wilbur Crozier

     3 days ago

    When did Richmond County start hiring trees to do police work?

  • R Everett

    R Everett

     4 days ago

    When you got legs connected to your shoulders