AUDITIONS that went VIRAL not for talent but for PSYCHOPATHS!

  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 26, 2016
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    Britain's Got talent !!
    X Factor !! American Idol !

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  • Tara P.

    Tara P.

     2 years ago +1862

    I didn't think Holly was that bad

  • annaree xD

    annaree xD

     2 years ago +18

    Sarah is a nutcase!!!! Wth!!!!!

  • --


     2 years ago +12

    I like the thumbnail😏

  • George Lincoln Rockwell

    George Lincoln Rockwell

     2 years ago +9

    This is what you get when your nation abandons eugenics.

  • Sally Green

    Sally Green

     3 years ago +21

    the blond girl holly with the huge mouth i bet she gives great head haha

  • NarvalSwegger


     3 years ago +235

    Why is there so much hate amongst Holly? I really liked how she sung.

  • Charlie Robles

    Charlie Robles

     3 years ago +120

    your more annoying than these people with the stupid editing

  • Ben Howkins

    Ben Howkins

     3 years ago +2903

    That woman holly wasn't a psychopath she was just sad to here those comments🙁

  • louchu


     3 years ago +48

    Oh my f*****g god the third one. Did somebody hear what her dad said? The music was so loud.. Was the dad apologizing for his daughter?

  • goldenstate6219


     3 years ago +39

    sad Rachel is so sick in her mind.  low life's garbage.

  • maria zagotsi

    maria zagotsi

     3 years ago +385

    pls tell me wtf are you doing with this video in 9:49-18:56..... it was unimaginable annoying

  • Bug Dug Clan

    Bug Dug Clan

     3 years ago +9

    the first girl ispoop

  • Bug Dug Clan

    Bug Dug Clan

     3 years ago +16

    what the heck

  • Bug Dug Clan

    Bug Dug Clan

     3 years ago +9


  • Jennifer Dahlquist

    Jennifer Dahlquist

     3 years ago +12

    I thought besides a bit of attitude that the first person was cool! What interesting techniques; just because she did not sing consistently in the same way does not mean that she can't sing. The second girl just really wanted to be a singer and went somewhat hysterical (especially the end part yeash); I actually felt a bit bad for her. To be tone death that would suck! I believe if she got a vocal teacher and practiced that she could improve some; though becoming the next Americas top idal- I don't know. At the 16:29 marker for the next girl; she just thinks she's really good even though she can't hear that she's not (and not too mention swears way too much and might be on something) out of all of them she seemed the most 'crazy', The next woman thinks singing is her dream but does not like where she is currently at with it(I think she sounds ok, a bit unusual sure. Definitely not a modern stialed singer- more like 1900s acting show stuff. Idk) The last woman really wanted to hear that she was good even though I agree with the judges that she sounded average. She did not seem to know who she was even though she knew what she wanted to be. If only she did not loose her temper so. This was sad to watch with the exception of the first act.

  • dji zzah

    dji zzah

     3 years ago +2114

    Just normal girl behaviour in my house that time of the month

  • Pearl Sayarath

    Pearl Sayarath

     3 years ago +1056

    The last girl was really nice, until she went all angry and threw the mic. That was a big surprise to me because she was all happy and cheerful.

  • אוזן הדברה

    אוזן הדברה

     3 years ago +16

    its all staged,phony & scripted. not real, all for ratings.

  • Realistic fantasy

    Realistic fantasy

     3 years ago +2179

    The major problem with these people is that their friends and families tell them they're super singers. they must stop sayin' such big lies. thanks for reading this so now start to think what did u say to your friend sister or brother. bye

  • Ar cade

    Ar cade

     3 years ago +8

    Nr.3 would be hot with a bag over her head, seriously :D