BRIGHTBURN - Official Trailer #2

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
  • The world will never be the same. #Brightburn in theaters May.

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    What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister? With Brightburn, the visionary filmmaker of Guardians of the Galaxy and Slither presents a startling, subversive take on a radical new genre: superhero horror.

    Elizabeth Banks
    David Denman
    Jackson A. Dunn
    Matt Jones
    and Meredith Hagner

    Directed by: David Yarovesky

    Written by: Brian Gunn & Mark Gunn

    Produced by:
    James Gunn
    Kenneth Huang

    Executive Producers:
    Brian Gunn
    Mark Gunn
    Simon Hatt
    Dan Clifton
    Nic Crawley
    Kent Huang

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  • Nevermore


     6 hours ago

    Is it like Carrie meets Superman?

    Was he actually abused, bullied in the film to have a reason to exact revenge?

    Is it worth watching?

  • Charles Sterling

    Charles Sterling

     9 hours ago

    Maybe he is Homelander as a kid!!

  • Siddhant Arora

    Siddhant Arora

     13 hours ago +1


    Sorry, wrong video.

  • vannybaby Kerr

    vannybaby Kerr

     13 hours ago

    Most disappointing movie I've ever watch

  • rianpocs


     15 hours ago

    more like megamind

  • Fherl Baylon

    Fherl Baylon

     17 hours ago

    Dion is coming at you kid

  • Nick Franco

    Nick Franco

     17 hours ago

    Its got that Superman type of vibe but if Superman wasPure evil . A darksied character type hero against brightburn

  • Game Time Mojo

    Game Time Mojo


    Deadly I bought this to watch this eve. Stoked

  • Affordable Profitable

    Affordable Profitable


    superman vs brightburn?????

  • alexanderthegreat9



    Headcanon: This film also exists in the DC universe, but was produced by Lex Luthor.

  • Deb Roy

    Deb Roy


    Makers of Guardian of the Galaxy... trying to prove if Superman was bad

  • pranav Sharma

    pranav Sharma


    I really hated this movie

  • Freddie Can't Dance

    Freddie Can't Dance


    If DC/WB wants to do a infinite crisis with Superboy Prime as the main antagonist wanted to be like these brutal..

  • Louie Casonite

    Louie Casonite


    Director and writter of this movie is psycho

  • Louie Casonite

    Louie Casonite


    This movie is bullshit

  • Hip Hop Junkie

    Hip Hop Junkie

     2 days ago

    I guess

  • Amaterasuchan


     2 days ago

    hell yeah :D

  • Josh B

    Josh B

     2 days ago

    He's drawing the branded sighn!!

  • mind relaxer

    mind relaxer

     2 days ago


  • Lleyton H Habimana

    Lleyton H Habimana

     2 days ago

    Now do flash