My UGLY Fast & Furious Lamborghini Gets Painted Like A *MILLION DOLLAR SHOW CAR!*



  • Dnice1541


     5 days ago +2507

    It was a paint emergency, you had to dial 9-Juan -Juan.

  • Steve Rivera

    Steve Rivera

     5 days ago +1128

    Oh don't worry, Freddy. They;re going to let you know EXACTLY how many hours they spent doing that when you get that invoice.

  • Matthew Puddicombe

    Matthew Puddicombe

     4 days ago +50

    Tavarish has 5-600 hours of work done on the paint for his car and sam crack is spending an afternoon spraying cars in a bouncy house.

  • Daniel Shaw

    Daniel Shaw

     5 days ago +50

    Looks beautiful!! Will you get it ceramic coated?

  • Noah Mccallum

    Noah Mccallum

     5 days ago +191

    When you pay the bill the shop owner will be driving a lambo

  • kapple17


     5 days ago +216

    how many guys does is take to paint a Lambo?
    Just Juan!!!

  • Ahmad Alkhalidy

    Ahmad Alkhalidy

     5 days ago +82

    I Thought He Forgot his YouTube Account Password 😂

  • Jake Carley

    Jake Carley

     5 days ago +35

    Dude, in future to get rid of the lines when you’re filming.
    Put it into manual mode and make your shutter speed double your frame rate. So if you’re recording at 24fps set your shutter to 1/50 and use your ISO and aperture to control the amount of light. It’s called “180° shutter” if you want to look up any YouTube videos about it

  • jerick1976


     2 days ago +3

    After the wet sand and final finishing that paint will be stunning. Now about that crispy Ferrari....

  • Melche’s Garage

    Melche’s Garage

     5 days ago +52

    Finally an update on what Tavarish has been doing...Waiting for paint to dry

  • Augustin Fabre

    Augustin Fabre

     5 days ago +116

    I wouldn’t even have dared to speak towards the car lol. Juan in camouflage mode in the paint booth.

  • Ben Lamborghini

    Ben Lamborghini

     5 days ago +24

    Thank you for putting value back into the Lamborghini.

  • Paul Le Mars

    Paul Le Mars

     5 days ago +7

    10 seconds in and Juan rolls up. Hit 'like' because you know this is going to be good. Juan puts the hours spent currently at <>600. Reckon on the basic hourly cost for his shop at $75 per hour. That's a $45,000 paint job and they're about 60% done. Oh yeah, and not including the paint.

  • Daz Dave Andaz

    Daz Dave Andaz

     4 days ago +2

    I guess he didn't want the standard YouTube wrap like DDE or Savage

  • Josh Redman

    Josh Redman

     3 days ago +3

    please change the music.... its horrible.
    Everything else is EPIC!

  • Static Control

    Static Control

     3 days ago +2

    Looking good! I was happy to see them using an anti-static gun -- btw not a hydrostatic gun. A lot of shops do not know about them. The gun creates a static-free surface – nothing is attracted to it. Fewer imperfections, less cutting/buffing, plus metal flake lays down much better.

  • Sayre Rowan

    Sayre Rowan

     4 days ago +2

    Amazing pearl in that color. Looks like an orange creamsicle. Love it.

  • Andres Barquero

    Andres Barquero

     5 days ago +55

    Hey Fluffy's cousin and the rest of the gang did a killer job with that paint. Congratulations to all of you! Killer paint and awesome and humble guys.

  • Jonathan Betar

    Jonathan Betar

     5 days ago +25

    Juan: “it’s gonna be Better than factory”
    Tavarish:”yea it’ll look better than when it came from the Lambo factory”
    Lamborghini: BLOCK

  • Rogue Majesty

    Rogue Majesty

     5 days ago +33

    You should invite Tyrese from F&F and Make a video with him driving the car once its done