LS Fest Day 1: Leroy Races the World's Fastest Stick Shift Corvette, James' 240 Makes SICK Passes!

  • Published on:  Saturday, September 7, 2019
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    Finally back at one of our favorite events, Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green, Kentucky! Super excited to be racing Leroy and James' Nissan 240 that is LS Powered!

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  • 54raceman


     7 days ago

    Not gonna lie if I was cleetus I’d probably have moved the razor with front end lol

  • Dragon800


     1 months ago

    wow that thing is sick!

  • Deric McGuffie

    Deric McGuffie

     1 months ago

    Run it back

  • James Pepper

    James Pepper

     1 months ago

    Fast nissan!!! :)

  • Christopher Miller

    Christopher Miller

     1 months ago

    Most GM cars have a high note horn and a low horn. Sounds like Ruby needs a low horn.

  • Dbow D

    Dbow D

     1 months ago

    Where is Rubyy

  • matt fowlerr

    matt fowlerr

     1 months ago

    Street racing smartcars

  • Nelson Bento

    Nelson Bento

     1 months ago +1

    That turbo spool was epic

  • kaylor87


     1 months ago

    So excited that you had to cut the clip at 26:58?? hahaha

  • Angelita Moore

    Angelita Moore

     2 months ago

    James face is just like don't blink don't blink to holy sweet honey barbecue 7:48

  • Noah Grant

    Noah Grant

     2 months ago +1

    has any one notice james 240 is faster than leroy

  • OldMate


     2 months ago

    Cleetus and the other fella remind me of Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton.

    Shake an bake!

  • Colby Boyer

    Colby Boyer

     2 months ago

    Love the helmet cam

  • Sams Channel

    Sams Channel

     2 months ago +1

    James eyes after his pass we’re just like omg I’m at the other end of the track and I can drive it back. So proud his axles didn’t break!! Been waiting to see what this car can actually do when it gets past the start!

  • Jeff Shannon

    Jeff Shannon

     2 months ago

    It's just an ls dude nothing complicated?

  • Calvin Eaton

    Calvin Eaton

     2 months ago

    Cleetus raced like he didnt care to break something for once lolol. Bad ass race at the end.

  • Fortnite Hater

    Fortnite Hater

     2 months ago

    17:39 ight imma head out

  • zabnat


     2 months ago

    When you see only the backend of the 240 it is hard to tell what it is. Especially with the hood on the roof obscuring the lines. I think it is the rear tire that puts me off.

  • Keith Heath

    Keith Heath

     2 months ago

    Where is y’alls shop?

  • Matthew  Bunch

    Matthew Bunch

     2 months ago

    Ur car probably has so much air drags full fiberglass body would weigh nothing and u would probably cut some time... but I’m no professional