• Published on:  Sunday, March 3, 2019
  • If this episode made you fall in love with Rattlesnakes HELP ME HELP THESE ANIMALS! Rattlesnake round ups are still happening! Never heard of it? It’s basically a festival where THOUSANDS OF WESTERN DIAMONDBACKS are collected from the wild and brought to this festival to be slaughtered and skinned on public display! Madness. It’s disgusting. So if you wanna help these animals go to this link and sign that petition! 2 STOP RATTLESNAKE ROUNDUP!
    Thank you everyone!🙏🏼
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  • Nathalie Monk

    Nathalie Monk

     13 hours ago

    Chandler: "Now this is NOT a snake you wanna grab by the tail"
    Chandler: *immediately grabs it by the tail"

  • Robin Saylor

    Robin Saylor


    Where are you from in FL? I was born and raised in Melbourne.......lov it here...

  • Robin Saylor

    Robin Saylor


    Do you have "spicy meatballs " tshirts yet?

  • Aranielle Benny

    Aranielle Benny

     5 days ago

    The cobra above Kevin's cage has so much sass 😂

  • Band Geek

    Band Geek

     7 days ago

    kevin was the first snake I seen on this channel and I love him <3 yay kevin

  • Younouss G

    Younouss G

     14 days ago

    Can I have a lizard and can i have it on this Thursday

  • Edward Schulz

    Edward Schulz

     28 days ago

    "look at this set up!" .. yes! but,, dude i have to say,, your behavior is going to get you killed. I had to look away a couple times.,, you won't be lucky forever.

  • trenton gassner

    trenton gassner

     1 months ago

    I hate it when these snake you tubers tell us not to catch or handle venomous snakes like we all don’t know what we’re doing or have experience ourselves in catching and handling deadly reptiles.. boy I’ve been catching deadly snakes since you were just a nut stain in your mammas panties!

  • yanzy potenciando

    yanzy potenciando

     1 months ago


  • ebk.damian


     1 months ago

    My heart skipped a beat at 20:53

  • Marc Torbi

    Marc Torbi

     1 months ago

    Bro you’re crazy and I love it!!
    I’m from Australia and man we have heaps of venomous snakes, spiders etc so this just seems like home to me 😂

  • Jessica Phillips

    Jessica Phillips

     1 months ago +3

    20:53 I nearly farted out my lungs....

  • Motto


     1 months ago

    What happen if you are bitten by these venomous snakes, do you have antivenom?

  • Doctor Zombie

    Doctor Zombie

     1 months ago

    Chandler you should get a western diamond back rattle snake I bet you love the Western diamond back like the Eastern diamond back

  • Ryan Gibson

    Ryan Gibson

     2 months ago

    That spicy meatball thing is killing me every time. 😂🤣 Best part of the videos

  • Flossie Shelley

    Flossie Shelley

     2 months ago

    I just love you guys , your both amazing and I can’t wait to see your new home for all your animals, I’d really consider going down and checking it out.

  • John Stull

    John Stull

     2 months ago

    Just bought a baby green bush viper... tiny... we got it two weeks n it ate two chunks of Chicken but was wondering how many times do they eat ? What can I feed the baby bush viper?



     2 months ago

    What humidity level do you keep your Pigmy-Rattlesnakes at

  • Ronnie Burgess

    Ronnie Burgess

     2 months ago

    Kevin we love you 😍

  • Noah Arciba

    Noah Arciba

     2 months ago

    How’s it going buddy, just wondering, what kind of enclosures are you using?