Guess Who's A Plastic Surgeon | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 13, 2019
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  • Kerry Gordon

    Kerry Gordon

     4 days ago +8890

    Ilah came out here looking like a full course meal...damn

  • Vivian V

    Vivian V

     4 days ago +4978

    He used to be 300 lbs?? Wow that's freaking amazing

  • Mia Nguyen

    Mia Nguyen

     4 days ago +4012

    Ilah definitely doesn’t need a boob job. Also sis, what bra you wearing, asking for a friend.

  • JJGalz


     3 days ago +541

    Do “guess what kind of doctor” with the cards like Veterinarian, Pediatrician, Plastic Surgeon, Surgeon, Medical, etc

  • linh nguyen

    linh nguyen

     3 days ago +166

    6:48 (the way he put on the gloves)
    Me: Yep he’s a plastic surgeon😂

  • Kiera Bee

    Kiera Bee

     4 days ago +9738

    Damn girl, boob job is not necessary. You already bangin

  • Farmer Taehyung

    Farmer Taehyung

     2 days ago +66

    I’m not sure if I got plastic surgery vibes but, I definitely got sugar daddy vibes.

  • Everlasting 09

    Everlasting 09

     4 days ago +595

    Short fingernails could mean surgeon or lesbian
    Me: or anxiety

  • My man Arzie

    My man Arzie

     3 days ago +85

    Ilah is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, she needs to think better of herself.

  • Caye Sorensen

    Caye Sorensen

     4 days ago +1435

    I LOVe the new girls outfits. someone link the shoes ?

  • ACN


     4 days ago +12833

    I wanna see what the surgeons’ significant others look like lol

  • Morgan Steward

    Morgan Steward

     4 days ago +186

    The girl in the blue top is freakin gorgeous! 💕
    Also the second surgeon is cute lol

  • Michelle Taylor

    Michelle Taylor

     4 days ago +141

    As a doctor watching this I’d love to see doctors guess other doctors specialties. I would have guessed Ortho for the doc in the pale blue button down. And I correctly guessed IM for the IM doc.
    Edit: Are other doctors watching this and liking my comment? Or just other people who think it’s a fun idea?

  • Oliver Adam

    Oliver Adam

     4 days ago +372

    Can't remember if that tall girl has been in a video before, but she is gorgeous and seems to have a super nice personality too. Stay awesome!

  • heist


     4 days ago +307

    “Guess who’s a teen mom”

  • Baklavas Siropiastos

    Baklavas Siropiastos

     4 days ago +7869

    The third guy was in another video in which we knew he was a plastic surgeon and he was guessing who had plastic surgery

  • Tida M

    Tida M

     4 days ago +632

    "What are you tryna say she's the vet!" 😂😂😂😂. That blue button up shirt plastic surgeon guy is hilarious!

  • Skyllar Rose Kuppinger

    Skyllar Rose Kuppinger

     2 days ago +16

    You know you’re way too into plastic surgery when you recognize one of the surgeons. 6:46 that’s dr Bill portuese. I follow him on Instagram LMAO

  • fray z

    fray z

     4 days ago +363

    "Maybe a salesman"
    "I am a plastic surgeon"
    "SEE! I KNEW IT!"

  • αиυвιѕ


     4 days ago +327

    Next video: Guess who will be raiding area 51