Street Testing RUBY With 1000+ Horsepower/Preparing Her for a 1,300 Mile Racecar Roadtrip!

  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 28, 2019
  • DANG! Ruby is more ready than we thought for this 1300 mile drive!
    Racecar Roadtrip we're doing -

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  • Jarod Emahizer

    Jarod Emahizer

     1 months ago

    Still waiting on the "for sure guys we are putting the hood on this car" to happen. Excited to see how many jigsaw puzzle cuts in the hood to get it around the big ol' turbskie

  • kopfgeldjagar


     1 months ago

    Why did I expect James to launch it into the tarmac?

  • Delicious DeBlair

    Delicious DeBlair

     2 months ago

    Put a TOASTY SCALE engine in Ruby now!!! \(^_^)/

  • Mitchell Deluca

    Mitchell Deluca

     3 months ago

    Where’s the bonnet?? You said you were gonna keep it!!

  • Dave Brittain

    Dave Brittain

     4 months ago

    You could just put a T in the fuel line and a valve with a connector hose. Turn on the fuel pump and drain the fuel into some cans, shut the valve off, store the hose and fill'er up with E90. Easy peasy!

  • Ryan Keith

    Ryan Keith

     4 months ago

    ok ok ok, Cleeter! you did a good throw, but you guys should try throwing it in reverse, just stand at the line, tire in two hands, lift with your knee and throw it behind you, that's how I used to throw tires at Discount Tire at the end of the day, I'd get like a good 15-20 feet with each tire. EVEN LIGHT TRUCK TIRES!! let's see the second round!

  • Mike Combs

    Mike Combs

     5 months ago

    I'd be more worried out sucking sand into that turbo than getting stuck.

  • Dustin Young

    Dustin Young

     5 months ago

    Dual tanks one for pump gas other for race fuel

  • Da’vy Youngin

    Da’vy Youngin

     5 months ago

    When’s Rocky Mountain race week.!?

  • RyanBeatbox


     5 months ago

    Pro tip for the next tyre throwing competition. Stand backwards, walk backwards and launch it with both hands over your head, like a keg toss. You will be 100% win, just make sure to stretch first lmao

  • Devin Cannon

    Devin Cannon

     5 months ago

    Yall too scared to drive on sand lol. I was doing donuts at the same spot last weekend in a crown vic on radials

  • 10esseeTony


     5 months ago

    How about some long overdue lapel microphones...ones that fit inside helmets too. Sorry to be less than positive.... ;)

  • DasNarf


     5 months ago

    Why not just taking two separate fuel tanks with two separate fuel pumps which you can rotate a needed?

  • daniel bernier

    daniel bernier

     5 months ago

    Goldens rule

  • hen ko

    hen ko

     5 months ago

    Put e90 in your last fill up before getting to the track. Then top off at track.

  • Brady Veldt

    Brady Veldt

     5 months ago

    Ask McFarland fabrication if they can squeeze you in to get some drain bungs welded into your fuel cells.

  • Daniel Falk

    Daniel Falk

     5 months ago

    Why not fit a drain valve in the fuel tank at the lowest point? Since you have a jack with you.

    Then when its empty, put a small amount of race fuel in the tank, take of the inlet fuelhose and use the fuel pump to let out the left over mixed fuel in a separate container. After racing, use the mixed fuel for the drive so you have a empty container at the next race

  • Edgar Joffre

    Edgar Joffre

     5 months ago

    Put a T fitting before your fuel rail so that the car can drain itself using the fuel pump

  • David Williams

    David Williams

     5 months ago

    Dang Ruby is load inside!

  • rsaba


     5 months ago