Skip Bayless on reports Cowboys are willing to have Dak, Zeke & Amari play out the year | UNDISPUTED

  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 6, 2019
  • The Dallas Cowboys reportedly have 'generous' contract offers for Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper, but are willing to let the trio play out the 2019-2020 season. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss how this can impact Dallas' season.

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    Skip Bayless on reports Cowboys are willing to have Dak, Zeke & Amari play out the year | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

     1 months ago +66

    Are the Cowboys mishandling contract negotiations with their stars?

  • rlouis215


     21 days ago

    So skip hyped up the cowboys but want to pull out their faults when it comes to paying them, Zek off the field issues was a problem until he trying to get paid, DAK oh they saying your a average QB, Omari remember those two down years in Oakland. So skip what about what they have done for your current cowboys that doesn’t matter huh smh oh well my EAGLES will in the NFC east this year

  • ReXt


     21 days ago

    This is why the cowboys don't win and my eagles will win the division regardless if they sign we don't have problems like this we sign our Stars! Fly eagles fly!!!!!

  • Jordan Truce

    Jordan Truce

     1 months ago +1

    Zeke has proven Dallas can’t win with out him multiple times. Amari has proven without him there would be no reliable receivers for first downs and touchdowns. Dak has proven nothing except that he needs Zeke and Amari or they will not make the playoffs.

  • Charlie B

    Charlie B

     1 months ago

    SKIP! SKIP! SKIP! Always bust out laughing

  • Carlos Perez

    Carlos Perez

     1 months ago

    This is wrong with NFl lately big $$$$ and low talents around the $$$$ player make the whole team sub par.

  • Anthony Brooks

    Anthony Brooks

     1 months ago

    Skip is reaching

  • James Anagnos

    James Anagnos

     1 months ago

    That is Jerry telling Dak the 30 mill is no longer on the table hahaha go fishing Dak you stupid noodle arm midget

  • jsh0822


     1 months ago

    Dak is far from superstar. Guess that is the Cowboy world and I am even a fan of the team. Average means superstar in Dallas.

  • Wayne Oneal

    Wayne Oneal

     1 months ago

    I bet all will be well season opener

  • Trigger Warning

    Trigger Warning

     1 months ago

    Prove it?!?!?! Dak needs to prove himself but Zeke and Coop?? Theyve already proved we can win without them.

  • SkinCarver


     1 months ago

    10 month's ago Skip posting a vid of him throwing Dak's jersey in the garbage

  • Mike Jones

    Mike Jones

     1 months ago

    Dak winning super bowl yeah right

  • Arturo Montelongo

    Arturo Montelongo

     1 months ago

    This is strictly to Ezekiel Elliot ..first things first .do you remember when you played the game cause you wanted to be great at no cost played ball from day one as a kid and grew and grew to become the very truly accomplished the child dream to be where your at right now in life ...Zeke remember Our LordJesus Christ has blessed you beyond recognition ...if your a religious man you know Gods Blessings should be counted each and everyday even to the smallest Zeke ..your a great talent explosive on what you do ..but remember brother ..The devil never sleeps and as much as i love thee NFL. but this organization is full of greed. Gods will is to bless those whom will disregard what a dollar can give you for we all have great riches in Heaven ..Zeke follow your heart brother and put God back into this game for he's the one that got you here ..MANY OF YOU MAY NOT AGREE BUT CHRIST MY HEAVENLY FATHER DRIVES THE BUS NOT YOU NOT I BUT HIM ...

  • AJW 05

    AJW 05

     1 months ago

    Yeah this will work out for the Cowboys if all 3 put up numbers. Worst case for the Cowboys they actually make it to the Super Bowl & might as well say good bye to ever player because you’re not repeating

  • Kevin Brunz

    Kevin Brunz

     1 months ago +1

    Whis I could tell my boss I'm not coming in tell I get a raise!!!

  • Joseph Burchill

    Joseph Burchill

     1 months ago

    Contracts mean nothing in the NFL. I can almost understand if there is one year left trying to get a new deal done. But if you got two years left then play out at least a year. The team invested in you not knowing what they were gonna get and you turned out to be a super star. When we make investments we cheer when we got it right and reap our rewards... these guys are now staying contracts mean nothing. If I produce then tear it up and pay me..... and by the way these are men making millions. I run a restaurant and we struggle to give out pennies.

  • R BZ

    R BZ

     1 months ago

    soooo,....dumb mfkrs already tried the wait and see approach and that is the reason we currently have this dilemma.
    could have had them all ('cept Coop) for much less before last season started or at least as soon as it ended.

  • Glenn Carlson

    Glenn Carlson

     1 months ago

    The Cowboys... Turmoil...As a 49er fan... He he ha ha 😄

  • Justin Hoffman

    Justin Hoffman

     1 months ago

    Welp Dallas , back to square one,..
    Thanks Zeke!