BUILDING an historic BRASS CANNON Ep 1 - machining and boring the barrel on my lathe

  • Published on:  Friday, May 5, 2017
  • I decided to make a brass cannon that really fires for a friendly head to head competition with my buddy and fellow Youtubers Jimmy Diresta and John Saunders. In this first episode I find my brass and start turning and boring the barrel on my lathe. Enjoy! Also, check out DoRite's Facebook page and please "LIKE" us if you like what you see. /DoRite-Fabrication-411460772376180/
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  • Dolmar F

    Dolmar F

     21 days ago

    Take mm metric system to messure. Much easier. 20 mm min 1 mm = 19. 10% from 100 = 10

  • Basil Koen

    Basil Koen

     2 months ago

    The music in the background is a bit of a distraction . Other than that it is a very nice video .

  • James Russo

    James Russo

     6 months ago

    Be careful with those golf ball, they can expand and wedge in the barrel and could cause an explosion, that is what I've been told many times. Not sure how much truth to it . I've built a lot of small cannons, my biggest was 3 in.dia. with 1 1/4 in bore. But all the old timers I hung around with always said never shoot golf balls,they will expand and blow it up.

  • Subversive


     6 months ago

    Never thought i would end up thoroughly enjoying a brass conon being made. Thanks for the video.

  • john frazier

    john frazier

     6 months ago

    Black powder dose not burn slower, it burns much faster then smokeless powder.

  • trailtrs1


     6 months ago

    Do you ever do forging work

  • rusty nuts

    rusty nuts

     7 months ago

    Forget about the golf ball and make a mold to cast lead round balls to diameter of whatever diameter boring bit you have.

  • Mike Sproull

    Mike Sproull

     7 months ago

    ...Dimples on a golf ball gives it lift, not to go straight.

  • Johan Rodrigues

    Johan Rodrigues

     7 months ago

    It is not an historic . . . . but A historic.

  • PowderMonk


     7 months ago +1

    pound, inch, feet. closing the video... too much neanderthal

  • Squanchy FapFap

    Squanchy FapFap

     7 months ago

    You put "an" in front of a word starting with a vowel not a consonant!

  • Richard Smith

    Richard Smith

     7 months ago

    Pretty sure rifling would make a golf ball curve in flight. When you don't hit a golf ball square and it has spin, the ball will cut and curve off from where you hit it.

  • Peter Thejll

    Peter Thejll

     7 months ago

    Sir, I get all riled up when you say ‘cannons’. Plural of cannon be cannon, yes?

  • Casey Nolte

    Casey Nolte

     7 months ago

    I want to build one that shoots billiard balls.

  • BigBlackClocks


     7 months ago +1

    Watch from 3:46

  • skaindu


     7 months ago

    Why can't we copy this in your colonies?

  • Admiral Percy

    Admiral Percy

     7 months ago

    0:21 You spoiled the fucking ending

  • Rasmus Wahlstedt

    Rasmus Wahlstedt

     7 months ago

    1"23/32? You got to be joking right? SI for the win!!

  • Keith Lucas

    Keith Lucas

     7 months ago +9

    Actually built one in high school machine shop back in the 70's that fired....built the carriage in wood shop.
    Try that today, or even in a trade school class. Also built a steel one that could use smokeless powder.

  • Norman


     7 months ago

    I've wanted to build a small cannon for years but finding suitable, affordable material for the barrel has been the biggest roadblock. Love brass but $$$.
    Just want it for a lawn ornament but it would be nice if the barrel would be of a suitable material for firing.