Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)

  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
  • The trailer is here.

    The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.
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  • Rhodry


     16 hours ago

    Season 8 was the biggest let down. I was excited to go through all the series and binge them all after season 8 was done.
    That wont happen. Never watching game of thrones again. Because DAN AND DAVE FUCK IT!

  • Drogon Fire

    Drogon Fire

     yesterday +1

    I like very few videos & this was one of them... Now I've changed like to dislike

  • Fabio Zanabria

    Fabio Zanabria


    I thought the main antigonist is going to be the night king, then cersei and finally it was daenerys wtf?

  • Monil Shah

    Monil Shah

     2 days ago


  • ツ_iTzRiazPvP


     2 days ago

    god i really miss this show even after the shit show season 8 was

  • Watch& Do

    Watch& Do

     2 days ago


  • Ma Imal

    Ma Imal

     2 days ago +2

    Best TV show ever, no show will be as popular or acclaimed any time soon.



     2 days ago +1

    boy were we fooled by this trailer

  • Zohra Rajabova

    Zohra Rajabova

     3 days ago

    the season is dark and full of errors.

  • Anil Ameer

    Anil Ameer

     3 days ago

    Thanks to hbo s8 e3 is completely as dark as a black hole

  • Heart Beat

    Heart Beat

     3 days ago

    We were led astray this was suppose to rival even avengers endgame epic ness

  • Andrea Biela

    Andrea Biela

     4 days ago

    Equivalence = naked women, naked men

  • Lord Clarke

    Lord Clarke

     5 days ago

    I'll still defend episode 1&2 as two of the best episodes of the series BUT looking back if these fools were only going to do 6 episodes why not complie 1&2 into 1 episode and make the episode 3 two episodes instead. OR why not do 10 episodes like HBO wanted. I'm also not going to let GRRM off the hook for not finishing at least book 6 for D&D to adapt smh.

  • Lord Clarke

    Lord Clarke

     5 days ago

    "You were the chosen one, it was said you would bring balance to the force...NOT destroy it"

  • Jaxson Burke

    Jaxson Burke

     5 days ago

    For those who are still disappointed, you could binge watch seasons 1-6 and be fulfilled with the season six finale acting as the series finale. Jon becomes King of the North, Dany sets sail for Westeros after naming Tyrion hand to the queen, Arya avenges The Red Wedding and Cersei becomes the Queen of the seven kingdoms. After that you could just make up your own version of what could've been let's say three epic seasons of television instead of one that was kinda wonky and another which was completely phoned in. I liked where everyone ended up but getting there happened so quickly it came across as pathetically written. Which it was. Game of Thrones was known for taking it's time to properly tell the story so for the final two seasons to be as short and as rushed as they were makes me sad. Kudos to the crew and the actors and everybody who wasn't involved in writing the final season. We thank you for your hard work and your talents! It's simply a travesty that the scripts weren't able to match such beautiful sets, costumes, cinematography, visual effects, acting, directing, etc.

  • Alon zo

    Alon zo

     6 days ago

    The real enemy in this saison was the writers

  • The Nameless Monster

    The Nameless Monster

     6 days ago

    From season 1 to season 8, I witnessed how a great show turned into a shit show ~

  • D3


     6 days ago +3

    Let's imagine this:
    Hermione kills Voldemort.
    Then they have to defeat bellatrix.
    Bellatrix kills Ron and Harry decides to destroy Hogwarts in the process of defeating bellatrix.
    Sounds stupid right?

  • Reshap Rai

    Reshap Rai

     7 days ago +2

    My queen died 💔💔😠😠 I will hate this season forever

  • This Account has been deleted

    This Account has been deleted

     7 days ago +2

    At least the people who made the trailers know how to do their job well.