Kanye West on Donald Trump

  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Kanye talks about his passion for music and fashion, what he thinks of Donald Trump, Kim's trip to Washington D.C. to meet with him, the two motivating forces in the world, overcoming fear, being too caught up in the past, and he reveals how he feels about people being mad at him.

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    Kanye West on Donald Trump
  • Source: https://youtu.be/rzXpJcwqYIg


  • Matthew Ese

    Matthew Ese

     an hour ago


  • Blake


     5 hours ago

    The guy is a thinker yeah and he's not very articulate when it comes to explaining himself but I you can get the gist of it.



     6 hours ago

    Kanye God Bless you for being so strong and not letting people tell you how and what to think!! I am sure your Mom is so proud of you!!

  • Craig Feodoroff

    Craig Feodoroff

     11 hours ago

    Jimmy Kimmel, why is it you don’t talk about how bill clinton got a standing ovation for his speech on border control. You don’t talk about Obama preaching about building the border wall or even Hillary Clinton talking about building the wall? Oh, but they are Democrats! These speeches are all on YouTube! How utterly stupid are you

  • Brian Mizell

    Brian Mizell

     20 hours ago

    Not a fan of Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Peter Sullivan

    Peter Sullivan


    Wow.... what a buffoon...

  • philocalypso



    Kanye went 😆😐

  • Terry Sharp

    Terry Sharp


    Maybe I’m wrong, but West reminds me of someone who tries to be philosophical when they are high on some good weed. You know how you get all deep or at least think you are being deep! However I do like how he makes attempts to think out of the box. Also, I’m thinking he says things that might be bizarre for effect! Almost like when ppl say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, as long as you’re getting publicity.

  • Josh George

    Josh George


    Let Ye be Ye. He has the freedom to express his opinion. I'm a huge fan of his music and that part of his life is still in tact. He for sure get misinterpreted. But Kanye explains wtf he is talking about and it all makes sense in the end.

  • Cameron Sprague

    Cameron Sprague


    I used to write of Kanye like I did most modern musical artists and I recently started learning about him and these interviews make me very sympathetic for him because he is the butt of a lot of jokes and it’s very obvious he’s mentally bipolar. He changes subjects a lot, can’t seem to control his emotions, has manic episodes and it makes me respect him more and more because he still does what he does and is very ambitious and doesn’t let any boundary stop him

  • Jack Sisco

    Jack Sisco


    2 energies in the Universe. Love and Fear. Everything else is a positive or negative of those 2. That is Hermeticism.

  • Luke Fabian

    Luke Fabian


    nobody ever tweaks and makes democrats explain themselves, but as soon as you say the word trump you have to explain all your thinking processes and allow for others to validate you.

    Kanye's one of the few free thinkers with a platform

  • Mari Oka

    Mari Oka


    Tell the POTUS to stop bullying people, Kanye! Esp. if you are a devout Christian!

  • san juanita cruz

    san juanita cruz


    Crazy meets crazier.

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther

     2 days ago

    Wow......I never cared for him.....though I didn't really know alot about him. This is why I always say, " Never assume anything ". Yet....I still do it......even if my life may be at risk. Like trusting others I don't know, speaking up when I know others will get angry for my views, etc. But.....I totally respect Kanye for saying he was fearful cuz others didn't like his beliefs & views!? That's exactly how so many are nowadays with many views about everything! Trump......actually does care! He knows the stats of crime.....who's committing most. I was raised with Mexicans, illegals, blacks, whites, etc. My family, friends, co workers, aquaintances, myself, etc. Have all had horrible crimes committed against us......so when Trump says they must go?? Yes......they should!! If anyone wants to come & live in USA.....do it the right way!! We can't even speak our minds.....cuz we may get beat, smacked, stabbed or killed!! Not by Trump's people......by MY OWN!!! If Kanye was afraid of speaking up......can you imagine how rest of world feels?? Just because a person speaks the truth.... doesn't make them a hater, mean, cruel or racist!! So many are clueless, naive, racist themselves, have NO life experiences, etc. There are lots of Democrates finally being arrested.....is it on our news? Nooo.....but it's on small news channels in other states. But, Kip Simpsons Channel has the news! Kanye is the man.....but not Jesus!

  • Jesus Salvador

    Jesus Salvador

     2 days ago

    I don't know about you Kanye but I must keep my eyes on you to make sure you don't continue your cockiness if that's how you spell it...

  • Hollie Schaefer

    Hollie Schaefer

     2 days ago

    Literally? Like literally?!

  • diane rose

    diane rose

     2 days ago +1

    Kanye is a genius and you are not Jack Hansen

  • Alan Barker

    Alan Barker

     2 days ago

    who is Kanye?

  • BM31 HB

    BM31 HB

     2 days ago

    Kimmel raped him with one sentence.