BIG Turbo Civic vs TT Lambo - CRAZY Cash Days!

  • Published on:  Sunday, February 11, 2018
  • Today’s video is a little different than your typical cash days. We roll race in a cash days fashion! Out of all the types of street racing we have seen this was a first for us, and we loved it! On top of that, there is also a wide variety of cars battling it out! A Civic with a 70mm turbo out of the hood, twin turbo Lambo, TrailBlazer SS, and more! We hope you enjoy this type of competition as much as we do, and we hope to see it in the future more often! Thanks for watching!
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  • angel marks

    angel marks

     11 hours ago

    California is slow as dirt. Emissions state. I'm moving to Texas. Bunch of Dr Dre low lows and girly exotics. Smh

  • randall bollinger

    randall bollinger

     21 hours ago

    Leave it to the chevy to break in the final

  • Brad Micheal

    Brad Micheal


    man street racing Is sick!

  • Mike P

    Mike P

     3 days ago

    Instead of all this roll racing why dont they start from a dead ass stop like the old days?

  • josepgutierrez22


     4 days ago

    Can’t do shit in California!

  • Randy Alvarado

    Randy Alvarado

     5 days ago

    Seal Beach ... Westminster Blvd lol

  • William Akiu

    William Akiu

     7 days ago

    Gtr would have killed that lambo lol

  • William Akiu

    William Akiu

     7 days ago

    Real racing .. no freeway bullshit .. get impounded one night race another lol love it

  • Thomas Griffin

    Thomas Griffin

     7 days ago

    The Lamborghini owner was smart to leave.

  • Tim Cote

    Tim Cote

     7 days ago

    whats that civic weigh 800 pounds? no shit i love those little gokarts with like 500+ hp

  • maxie9506


     7 days ago

    Never street raced before, never wanted to, and dont have the car to do it. But after watching some of your videos I can see and feel the adrenaline from it. Jesus!

  • Crypto Bunny

    Crypto Bunny

     7 days ago

    How to find Florida Cash Daze?

  • albert dean castillo

    albert dean castillo

     7 days ago

    GT-R man all the way

  • keV james

    keV james

     14 days ago


  • Twiz Nax

    Twiz Nax

     14 days ago

    4:21 hes on IG

  • Mark Rich

    Mark Rich

     14 days ago

    BS that honda doesnt make 900 with that turbo. That turbo cant support 900hp .

  • Jujitsu Majors

    Jujitsu Majors

     14 days ago

    900 hp on the civic with a stock trans. Come on...!!!!!

  • Danny Szura

    Danny Szura

     14 days ago

    The civic cheated it ran e85, they made an agreement on pump gas

  • Lil DJ

    Lil DJ

     21 days ago +1

    That’s Alex from sheepy race from DDE with the twin turbo lambo!

  • Aguboy


     21 days ago

    That part