Stephen A. & Max Kellerman's Lakers vs. Clippers predictions | First Take



  • Gaming Monster

    Gaming Monster

     4 days ago +1072

    I don’t think they know Paul George isn’t playing the first couple of weeks

  • ermiasd


     4 days ago +766

    This can’t just be me that’s noticing Stephen A. Smith’s Super uneven mustache

  • Talon


     4 days ago +689

    Seems Molly is getting better with not interrupting. Gotta give props. We’ll see if it lasts

  • Braden MarceauOlayinka

    Braden MarceauOlayinka

     4 days ago +477

    People sleeping on boogie with the lakers
    Ik he just got hurt. I posted that top part before I got the notification
    He only needs to be average

  • Ridz 39

    Ridz 39

     4 days ago +302

    Bro, what barber did Stephen A. goatee line up ?!

  • Thebestonmarz


     4 days ago +396

    Stephen A’s mustache is killing me 😂😂

  • JaBueso


     2 days ago +16

    Max: which boogie cousins are we going to get
    Notification literally not a 2 seconds later: Demarcus cousins suffers knee injury in las vegas

  • James Ansley

    James Ansley

     4 days ago +128

    Right side of Stephens mustache needs to get faded a bit more. It's killing me

  • Jonny Era

    Jonny Era

     4 days ago +144

    Y'all sleeping on Boogie. That man healthy is a nightmare and you got AD and bron?😭 I think if Lakers have a healthy boogie they will destroy opponents.

  • hugoja17


     2 days ago +6

    STEPHEN A. mustache can't decide either🤣 one side a LAKER the other side a CLIPPER🤣🤣



     4 days ago +8

    Someone Forgot To Draw In The Other Half Of Stephen A's Mustache

  • kingtise


     4 days ago +252

    LeBron teams’ history tell you they may start off slow... but if you look at the schedule, Lakers should really have the best record in the West throughout the first month or 2. Christmas game doesn’t matter to either. They’re both playing for a championship not Christmas.

  • EbonyBuuurrd


     4 days ago +360

    Stephen A. Smith: “Capitulate!”

  • Vladd Wavy

    Vladd Wavy

     4 days ago +205

    When healthy, Lebron & AD > Kawhi & PG

  • Tony Crockett

    Tony Crockett

     4 days ago +156

    Everyone clap it up for Molly. She finally didn’t interrupt👏🏽

  • Deanz Beber

    Deanz Beber

     4 days ago +90

    Championship winning teams peak at the right time. The first game isn't gonna decide the season

  • David Sayimright

    David Sayimright

     4 days ago +72

    Stephen A was getting a line up and ESPN called him in smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Elijah Brooks

    Elijah Brooks

     4 days ago +4

    The Lakers wasn't about winning from 2014-18 giving timofey mozgov 60 million 😂😂😂

  • Geoff Thompson

    Geoff Thompson

     4 days ago +12

    The Clippers already had a good team that added Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.

  • Dilan Torres

    Dilan Torres

     4 days ago +26

    Stephen A Smith forgot to shave one side of his mustache 😂😂😂