Megan Thee Stallion - Hot Girl Summer ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign

  • Published on:  Thursday, August 8, 2019
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  • kadeem lee

    kadeem lee

     7 days ago +4020

    "Handle me? Who gon handle me? Thinking he's a player he's a member on the team" This song is fire!!! Twerking at 12am lol

  • Kimberly Roberts

    Kimberly Roberts

     4 days ago +5021

    i only wish that they realeased this song at the beginning of summer 😫😫 nicki we goin back to school girl 😫😫

  • Lewis James

    Lewis James

     4 days ago +5677

    When everybody killed their part in the group assignment

  • Jeff Philip

    Jeff Philip

     2 days ago +2445

    “Who unfollowed me? Like who don’t follow me?” - Nicki Minaj 👸🏾

  • Josiah Thomas

    Josiah Thomas

     2 days ago +577

    Why ain’t nobody talking about nicki vocals at the endd WHEW CHILE 😍

  • BrookRose Gaming

    BrookRose Gaming

     2 days ago +603

    Like of you heard Nicki say "Don't run from me frannn" 😂😂

  • Jimson Aranzado

    Jimson Aranzado

     3 days ago +2050

    nicki vocal in the end
    makes me remember her old
    style of hip hop

  • Ty stevens

    Ty stevens

     4 days ago +1490

    Megan the stallion made the old nicki come bac out

  • QuackQuack


     4 days ago +626

    I love how Nicki said hot BARBIE summer

  • i said what i said

    i said what i said

     3 days ago +1103

    I love everything about this song: Meg's verses, Nicki's verse, TY'S VOICE😍 and the beat💅🏽

  • XxPermafrostiboi xX

    XxPermafrostiboi xX

     4 days ago +416

    Bruh this is my favorite collab in a song ever.

  • kiesha2k11


     3 days ago +324

    Only Meg can take a city girl track & make it Hot Girl shit. I love her 🤪🤩🥰🤑

  •  2 days ago +205

    “Don’t run from me friend” if you know, you know 👀😂

  • jxsh.


     7 days ago +6305

    You’re a savage if you press read more.
    20 years of good luck, like to activate.



     4 days ago +1996

    I really don't know why y'all hating on ty🙄 I think his voice really makes dah song smoothhh😩 🌈❤️ this whole shit a masterpiece🔥💖

  • Nahze Goodson

    Nahze Goodson

     2 days ago +467

    Nicki: I get that Rrrrr, and Then I Rrrr”
    Me: ‘pause music’ MAAA! wats a Rrr??🤣🤣🤣🤣
    She killed it tho

  • Olivia Ivy

    Olivia Ivy

     2 days ago +95

    I'm always speeding when I play this song 🤦🏾 I gotta slow down but can't.

  • looks to the side An I oopp

    looks to the side An I oopp

     2 days ago +588

    8million view hmmm something wrong Nicki has a whole fan bass and so does Megan what the tea YouTube

  • D1&onlee Meka

    D1&onlee Meka

     7 days ago +4172

    People killing me saying they expected more lmao what they hell y'all want for them to pop out the screen and start twerking in your living room?

  • Gaylin Jones

    Gaylin Jones

     4 days ago +640

    Why Nicki killed this though 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️she did that