Sephora vs. Dollar Store Makeup Test

  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
  • Nina Dobrev helps doll the guys up with lipstick, fake eyelashes, and contouring for a colorful game of Sephora vs. Dollar Store Makeup! GMM #1496

    Check out Nina on Fam, Thursdays at 9:30 on CBS! And follow her on social media!

    Twitter: @ninadobrev
    Instagram: @nina
    Facebook: @NinaDobrev

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  • crazycatgirl18


     14 days ago

    She's so cute!

  • Groot The Dog

    Groot The Dog

     21 days ago

    I love Vampire Diaries!!!! That’s what I know her from

  • Emma Tolson

    Emma Tolson

     28 days ago

    TIL: I will never buy sephora brand :)

  • Marthin Nielsen

    Marthin Nielsen

     1 months ago

    Her laugh <3

  • Ian Darmetko

    Ian Darmetko

     1 months ago

    Her laugh gives me life.

  • Tom Barnes

    Tom Barnes

     1 months ago

    I met Nina and I have to say I wish she was half as nice as she seems on this episode. I understand she probably gets stopped a lot by fans but I didn’t pester her or anything. I said I enjoyed her work in the past and it was nice to meet her. Didn’t ask for a photo or autograph just said hello she acted like I was just bothering her I kinda regretted saying hello. Meh whatever I didn’t lose sleep over it or anything

  • Sidharth Dewan

    Sidharth Dewan

     1 months ago

    Hey Crew , looking at Link pout I think he would make a great Zoolander and a great episode .
    Can we Zoolander Rhett&Link ?

  • william spangler

    william spangler

     1 months ago

    link is nasty dieased yuk
    rhett run

  • helveteca


     1 months ago +2

    Bish you did NOT need to put gloves on give me a break.

  • Albert Escobedo

    Albert Escobedo

     2 months ago

    "I don't know you." - Nina Dobrev 2019

  • steven foster

    steven foster

     2 months ago

    Link is just sad

  • Maranda Ward

    Maranda Ward

     2 months ago +1

    Nina dobrev makes my bisexuality wake dafuq up

  • Donna Carson

    Donna Carson

     2 months ago

    She’s really awkward

  • Diminishing Erica

    Diminishing Erica

     2 months ago

    Did Link sing the tune to Aarid Xtra Dry? LOL!! I forgot all about that stuff.

  • Huntorix


     3 months ago

    whats with links weird faces

  • Tylo


     4 months ago

    Red + wet = Rhett.

  • Violet James

    Violet James

     4 months ago

    14 minutes of Rhett being alone

  • Mikey B

    Mikey B

     4 months ago

    They were loving that attention from her XD

  • Mikey B

    Mikey B

     4 months ago

    She has the best laugh

  • Ian Darmetko

    Ian Darmetko

     4 months ago

    Nina's laugh gives me life.