• Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
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  • Gerhart Rodriguez

    Gerhart Rodriguez

     1 months ago

    Im sure ppl living around you love you lol

  • daniel leyva mercado

    daniel leyva mercado

     5 months ago

    What leveling kit did you use and the sizes on tires please alos wheels I'm shoping for my dually

  • keith ellett

    keith ellett

     7 months ago

    Love the channel!!! I love the wheels i just picked up a 06 LBZ dually with 62k miles for a steal but I’m really liking the stance of this truck with the 14 wides on the front. However is it really worth loosing your ability to rotate from from to back?

  • Triston Williams

    Triston Williams

     8 months ago

    What is the exact specs because I’m thinking about throwing some on my 1984 Chevy dually

  • living in a desert

    living in a desert

     9 months ago

    Not a big fan of the big tire in front.

  • Gunrunner 87

    Gunrunner 87

     9 months ago

    should have kept the OEM tires

  • Duramax 707

    Duramax 707

     9 months ago

    What offset does the inside dually have

  • Beowulf


     9 months ago

    i hope you never put it in 4wd with the bigger tires in the front than the back or vise versa

  • evil_redneck 96

    evil_redneck 96

     9 months ago

    What's the tire specs on the dually and love the content

  • Brandon Cruz

    Brandon Cruz

     9 months ago

    hows the fuel economy on the truck?

  • Evan Pugh

    Evan Pugh

     10 months ago

    When i get back from germany im driving to custom offets and having them instsll a rough country 3.5" lift kit along with 17x9 -12mm moto metals m0970

  • Krypticate


     10 months ago

    The rears dont have the rivets around the lip?

  • Jonathan wertz

    Jonathan wertz

     10 months ago +1

    What is all put in to the mini max because I want one

  • Krawczak


     10 months ago

    Aka daddy max is giveaway truck #2

  • kruzmisile


     10 months ago

    So as I hear it on your video you describe the front rim as both a 12" wide and then 12.5". Which is it? I like the look. Does it steer OK still?

  • Dieselviper Z51

    Dieselviper Z51

     10 months ago

    I love your channel! All of the trucks. Keep up the hard work πŸ‘ŠπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘Š

  • Nick Cagle

    Nick Cagle

     10 months ago

    I kinda smell broke in the comments (AirPod users)

  • the Gonz

    the Gonz

     10 months ago

    Im like you,I hate dealing with flakes.

  • Ruben Guerra

    Ruben Guerra

     10 months ago

    What a beauty😍😍

  • Hunter Grimes

    Hunter Grimes

     10 months ago

    Color match and debadge 😍😍😍