The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

  • Published on:  Sunday, April 22, 2018
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    The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations
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    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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  • raanan yossef

    raanan yossef

     3 hours ago

    What happens to the black hole after the bomb goes off?

  • Jaganivas CK

    Jaganivas CK

     10 hours ago

    Let's take a moment to appreciate the animator.

  • a black hole

    a black hole

     14 hours ago

    Please don't make me into a bomb

    Or steal my hard earned energy

  • Khatharr Malkavian

    Khatharr Malkavian

     16 hours ago

    Dogma in ergosphere.

  • Hamza Mahran

    Hamza Mahran

     18 hours ago

    Black holes when they see anything in their path

    "Your energy will make a fine addition to my collection"

  • big boris lover

    big boris lover

     21 hours ago

    the event horizon feels like you so curious to put your head inside a toilet...

  • MrAppie9090



    Wait, about the mirror being much more compact than a Dyson sphere, doesn't the black hole have nearly the same gravitational footprint as the star it formed out of? Wouldn't a mirror that deep in the gravity well get torn apart by tidal forces?

  • unicron004



    There's a Science Fiction series called Aim for the Top! Gunbuster that uses Jupiter as a Black Hole Bomb to eliminate the Space Monsters that use stars as breeding grounds. the space monsters find Sol and Humanity has to defend for itself. in the climax of the series, they compress Jupiter past its Schwarzschild radius and detonate it near the core of the Milky Way.

  • james McDonald

    james McDonald


    Well thanks goodness that words like black hole, white or red dwarf are not considered offensive, yet! xD xD

  • Wolfvale 1965

    Wolfvale 1965


    A black hole 1 light-year in diameter has a surface gravity equal to Earth's. Pave it over and watch the universe grow old.

  • DareToBeJack X

    DareToBeJack X


    Dang humans are dangerous

  • Josh Glover

    Josh Glover


    The heat death of the Universe is the saddest thing I've ever heard of! 😭

  • Josh Glover

    Josh Glover


    It's like an energy vending machine! 😀

  • Jared Bollenbach

    Jared Bollenbach


    Harvesting energy from space environment is the future if it's not already being done 🤔🤔☣️☣️

  • Inky Tribe

    Inky Tribe


    Scientists: We could make an infinite energy source out of a black hole that could sustain life for trillions of years
    Korea: Or we could blow it up
    America: That's more like it!

  • Inky Tribe

    Inky Tribe


    I love the animaniacs mouse and rat in the video.

  • Mastermind Bastard

    Mastermind Bastard


    but wouldnt the black hole just suck in the mirror????

  • Thomas Tierney

    Thomas Tierney


    Black hole imma wipe everything out
    Anti matter hold my beer

  • Donovan Javier

    Donovan Javier


    Hehe Starcraft wait no one knows about Starcraft so why am I telling thsi