Turns Out the S-10 Had a BUILT MOTOR! How Did We Miss This...

  • Published on:  Sunday, March 3, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/vXxHM5zbepw


  • Fasterproms


     10 months ago +337

    Hey guys I know this ones gonna stir the pot a bit but we are committed to showing the real deal. We had no idea that this was a built motor and the vehicle was bought that way from the previous owner who had no idea. BTW putting aftermarket pistons in a 2.8 and matching seems more expensive than just putting in a 4.3. This motor was never running strong enough (bc of fueling issues) and to our knowledge it was 330k old to ever think otherwise and blowing it up seemed to be a great idea!! Please understand that all of our vehicles will be used to give veterans and first responders the rides of their lives in our unique projects!

  • Kurt Sumthinorother

    Kurt Sumthinorother

     1 months ago

    Those short stroke 60 degree v6 engines had the same 4.4" bore spacing as the SBC and LS motors. GM even made a 4 bolt aluminum block used only by racing teams. Over 4 grand in the 90's!!!!! They were revving to 9500 making 500hp in circle track racing. The LQ4 3.4L from 91-97 is a DOHC variant detuned to be manageable in fwd and for the transmissions that were weak. The 96-97 have the best DOHC port designs found in Grand Prix GXP, Z34 Monte Carlo etc. It would be super sweet to take one and add splayed mains then sleeve it for 4" bore and the tiny 3.3" stroke. Port the heads and fab an intake. Throw on twin turbskies and smolder some eco pukes at 11,000 rpm. Its 110% possible with modern ecu and turbos. Winberg crank and BME AL YOU MINNIE MMM rods. Just something to think about as the only substitute for displacement is RPM. Pro Stocks make 1500hp N.A. in a 500ci/8.2L engine. No forced induction! How do they do it? They spin a 3.6 inch stroke crank at 11,500-12,000 rpm. That same motor would be over 3000hp with 20 pounds of boost. New rods every 2 or 3 passes, but not with a 3.3 stroke and 4" pistons, good for maybe 10-20 passes if you spin it to 12k. Just saying, nobody is doing it. Everyone is turning 7k with stroker combos, every youtuber under the sun. It would be sweet to see something different and everyone loves a 10,000rpm dyno run :)

  • James Holbrook

    James Holbrook

     2 months ago

    2.8l v6 here and I remember the truck v6 being like 4.3l

  • Dylan Fileccia

    Dylan Fileccia

     3 months ago

    The intake being part of the head is a Ford FE series engine design too. The FE 360 390 427 and 428 engines are all like that

  • boxed fenders

    boxed fenders

     4 months ago

    When the camera panned to show 4 Goldens sitting on the couch i ded

  • Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ

     4 months ago


  • James Kavanagh

    James Kavanagh

     4 months ago

    just a tip, if your talking about the motor and pointing shit out on the motor, SHOW THE DAMN MOTOR!!! WHILE HES POINT AT SSHIT IN THE MOTOR!!!!!

  • 3z willie

    3z willie

     4 months ago

    Quick question why TF would you wanna put all that crap in and be ignorant I mean I love you guys but things like that actual motor heads that build don't really fw that it's pretty stupid according to the og's

  • Chris Bassell

    Chris Bassell

     4 months ago

    Love the channel !!!! Great content !!!

  • rebel chevy 400

    rebel chevy 400

     4 months ago

    First time on the channel. First thing i see is puppers. Subscribe

  • anastyb


     4 months ago

    Oh yeah the 3 wire oil pressure sending unit use to cost around $80 so save it if you're gonna keep the gauge cluster.

  • anastyb


     4 months ago +1

    Never understood why people send YouTubers who don't need the help gifts.
    What do you think it cost a week to feed all them dogs. My neighbors one dog eats 50lbs of food a week



     4 months ago

    Luv the pupppies man

  • Brian Ludwig

    Brian Ludwig

     4 months ago

    You could probably zip tie that back together

  • George Montgomery

    George Montgomery

     4 months ago

    My conclusion is the main event leading to failure was the lose of oil pressure. Unfortunately you didn't look for the reason why oil pressure failed. Here is what we know. 1. Speed pro pistons means engine was rebuilt. Mileage unknown. 2. Rebuilt blocks are bored and decked so deck clearance is unknown. Rod stretch is a guess because rod bearing material lose can lead to piston to head interference. Only way to know was to measure center to center the rods. 3. What we learned. 2 bolt mains and cast cranks are stronger than we thought. Money best spent on up graded oil pump drive rods, oil pumps, pistons, rods, fasteners.

  • natelobo93


     4 months ago

    Set of pistons barely used always maintained 300$obo will ship

  • Ben Cooke

    Ben Cooke

     4 months ago

    I think your challenge should be putting that 2.8 back together and make 200HP.

  • Andrew AWF

    Andrew AWF

     4 months ago

    She's got new Pella windows! 😮

    Best kind to help out a gutless 2.8L. Had a 92 Camaro with a 3.1 and it wasn't much better on the power side of the equation.

  • Matthew Moore

    Matthew Moore

     5 months ago

    thumbs up for the dog at the end

  • Brandon  Ford

    Brandon Ford

     5 months ago

    You should at least recycle that s@$t. That was an aluminum intake. 8$ at the scrapyard