Ruby Hits the Dyno Once Again on the QUEST FOR 8's... Will This Be Enough Horsepower??

  • Published on:  Friday, April 5, 2019
  • She sounds SO MUCH happier!
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  • Keenan Hass

    Keenan Hass

     7 days ago

    Stop pushing your crappy "merch" it's all shit and no one wants it...

  • William Ivy

    William Ivy

     14 days ago

    I can see Cleetus in court one day defending someone who was speeding.
    "Your honor, he was just doing it for Dale"

  • Thomas Spencer

    Thomas Spencer

     1 months ago

    James cant touch waste gate springs or laptops only tools

  • Trev0r98


     2 months ago

    Re the topic: So, is Ruby able to hit its max HP and torque numbers on the dyno, within 8 seconds? (/satire off).

  • Sterling Baldwin

    Sterling Baldwin

     5 months ago

    I couldn't find the video where he got the center console push button start. Anyone know where it's from?

  • VenomStryker


     5 months ago

    You're gonna blow the engine up on all those pulls and have nothing left for the actual

  • Gaurav S Rao

    Gaurav S Rao

     7 months ago

    Happy belated birthday cleetus

  • Dalton Swinney

    Dalton Swinney

     7 months ago

    23:15/20 fluid leaking from the from of ruby

  • timmybomb21


     7 months ago

    Let her eat!

  • Gigahurts


     7 months ago

    BUY MY BAJA! its a turbo 5 speed and I have it listed for $6k

  • Austin's Stuff

    Austin's Stuff

     7 months ago

    Would be cool to see a 4 rotor or have a fab shop make a Group C shell and make a ls or 4 rotor group C replica maybe drag race it ?

  • Jordan Freak

    Jordan Freak

     7 months ago




     7 months ago

    Throw a Forced Inductions billet s476 with a T4 96mm exh on it and itll make 900+ with 20 psi! I'd bet money!

  • Billybob themechanic

    Billybob themechanic

     7 months ago

    Should maybe weld a kick stand between the lower pipe and the new WG pipe

  • Alex Lawson

    Alex Lawson

     7 months ago

    Did I miss the reason ya'll are keeping the floor jack under Ruby during dyno pulls?

  • Parker Bryant

    Parker Bryant

     7 months ago

    18:00 I see you playing Minecraft

  • Robert Mckinnon

    Robert Mckinnon

     7 months ago

    Love the ruby project glad to see it running so good and happy great work guys

  • Steven Thompson

    Steven Thompson

     7 months ago

    And action ๐Ÿ‘ freedom flies...

  • Carlos Rivera

    Carlos Rivera

     7 months ago

    Cleeter you should total take some flat stock and make a few arms between wastegate piping and the exhaust outlet....

  • joel dawson

    joel dawson

     7 months ago

    None of you wearing hearing protection... I thought James was the sensible one, but seeing them standing 2m away and blocking 1 ear does not reinforce that opinion.