• Published on:  Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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  • Audit the Audit

    Audit the Audit

     3 months ago +954

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  • Harry Chown

    Harry Chown

     19 minutes ago

    Land of the Free.
    Wouldn't want to be pulled over in the US.

  • steven standifer

    steven standifer

     25 minutes ago

    I would have been going off on this nigga

  • Paperchasing WitMike

    Paperchasing WitMike

     an hour ago +1

    Wow a black man pulling over a white woman

  • Ray Benoit

    Ray Benoit

     an hour ago

    The cop saw the obviously pretty woman and thought that he could work an angle to get him some . what a lowlife douche .

  • Ace Rimmer

    Ace Rimmer

     3 hours ago

    sadly some police just abuse there power sad

  • Dustin Brinnon

    Dustin Brinnon

     4 hours ago

    Hate that I didn't have a dash cam the time I was pulled over for legally using a hand signal in the absence of my rear-right turn signal. First thing out of the officer's mouth:

    "So, I see you know your signal is out."


  • zzeBIGcosmos


     5 hours ago

    2.1k from corrupt cops

  • Kevin Gruszka

    Kevin Gruszka

     6 hours ago

    That guy in the second part of the video was kinda asking for some attitude when he did that hurry up hand motion

  • Jerry Avalos

    Jerry Avalos

     6 hours ago

    Cop is desperate for write a citation.

  • Jared Kestner

    Jared Kestner

     6 hours ago

    I hate when cops act like this

  • Michael Mullins

    Michael Mullins

     7 hours ago

    Guys like this are fu@king lame.

  • Adolis Purvinis

    Adolis Purvinis

     7 hours ago

    Im shocked that the police just seem to stop people for any reason they can find. Like they stop you for anything they can, and from there they dig deeper and deeper. RIDICULOUS. It seems like they let their power get to their heads.
    in London it seems to be different. You get stopped only if theres a clear issue like no seatbelt and of course stop and search to combat knife crime.
    Hope yall have reform because its shocking

  • Dan W

    Dan W

     7 hours ago

    Second driver: I didn’t adjust the performance of the lights.

    Second cop: Liar liar pants on fire

  • Dan W

    Dan W

     7 hours ago

    Second cop spent too much time watching Bill Nye

  • 1974dormouse


     7 hours ago

    This is normal behavior for a majority of big city cops. The “bad apple” is nothing more than a lie.

  • vxCOCOxv


     7 hours ago

    Older car lights are yellow as FUCK, and even if a newer car has them, I commend them.
    I’d rather those yellas’ then the blinding light LED’s that beckon me to...
    ‘Let go... Come towards the light my child’.

  • Miranda Scott

    Miranda Scott

     8 hours ago

    But I get pulled over that’s when I put my seatbelt on

  • Birdseye


     8 hours ago

    The first cop is a dickhead

  • Tim Snell

    Tim Snell

     10 hours ago

    Hahah dum fuck go home and yell and beat your wife