Tearing Down a Pair of 351 Small Blocks: Windsor vs Cleveland - HorsePower S16, E10

  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 30, 2019
  • HorsePower goes on a salvage yard treasure hunt and finds a pair of 351 small blocks -- Cleveland and Windsor. After twin teardowns, exploring the characteristics of each, the guys start the first of two performance build-ups.

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    ARP: Main Studs, 2-Bolt Main, Ford, 351C, Kit
    More Info: http://9nl.com/pb_pt_6536

    Comp Cams: Block Protector, Steel, Roller, Ford, Big Block 385 Series, Cleveland, Modified, Kit
    More Info: http://9nl.com/pb_pt_6882

    Comp Cams: Camshaft, 284HR, Magnum, Hydraulic Roller, 284/284-224/224-.566/.566, Ford, 351C, 351M, 400, Each
    More Info: http://9nl.com/pb_pt_6524

    Comp Cams: Timing Chain and Gear Set, Hi-Tech, Double Roller, Steel Sprockets, Ford, 351C/351M/400M, Set
    More Info: http://9nl.com/pb_pt_6531

    Comp Cams: Valve Spring Retainers, Steel, 10 Degree, 1.095 in. Outside Diameter, .640 in. Inside Diameter, Set of 16
    More Info: http://9nl.com/pb_pt_6526

    Comp Cams: Valve Springs, Single, 1.445 in. Outside Diameter, 130 lbs./in. Rate, 1.230 in. Coil Bind Height, Set of 16
    More Info: http://9nl.com/pb_pt_6525

    Eagle Racing Engines: Connecting Rods, ESP 4340 Steel H-Beam, Cap Screw, Bushed, Ford, Cleveland, Set of 8
    More Info: http://9nl.com/pb_pt_6522

    Melling: Oil Pump, High-Volume, Ford, 1971-82, 351M/400, Each
    More Info: http://9nl.com/pb_pt_6517

    Milodon: Oil Pan, Steel, Gold Iridite, 7 qt., Ford, Small Block, 351C, Fits Mustang 1979-Up, Each
    More Info: http://9nl.com/pb_pt_6529

    Milodon: Oil Pickup, Screw-In, Aftermarket Pan Style, Ford, 351C/351M/400, Each
    More Info: http://9nl.com/pb_pt_6530

    Pioneer: Harmonic Balancer, Race, External Balance, Steel, Black Anodized, Ford, 351C, Each
    More Info: http://9nl.com/pb_pt_6516

    Sportsman Racing Products: Pistons, Forged, Flat, 4.030 in. Bore, Ford, 351C, Set of 8
    More Info: http://9nl.com/pb_pt_6515

    Summit Racing: Timing Cover, 1-Piece, Steel, Zinc Plated, Ford, 351C/351M/400, Each
    More Info: http://9nl.com/pb_pt_6523

    CFC Auto Salvage: Self-service automotive recycling center

    Ferrea Racing Components: Valve, Exhaust, 1.650 in. Diameter, 0.290 in. Stem, 5.140 in. Length, Ford, 351C, Each

    Ferrea Racing Components: Valve, Intake, 2.250 in. Diameter, .341 in. Stem, 5.810 in. Length, Ford, Each

    RockAuto.com: .020 Main Bearing Set, 351C

    RockAuto.com: .020 Rod Bearing, 351C

    RockAuto.com: Cam Bearing Set, 351C

    RockAuto.com: Head Gaskets, Left, Right, Ford, 351C

    Tommy's Auto Machine and Parts: Automotive engine machine work service

    Total Seal: Custom piston ring set per piston specifications