Searching for Treasure Under $1,000,000 Dollar Boats!! (PartyBoat) | Jiggin' With Jordan

  • Published on:  Thursday, February 28, 2019
  • I dive down under a few million dollar yachts and find lost treasures underneath!
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    Searching for Treasure Under $1,000,000 Dollar Boats!! (PartyBoat)

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    About Jiggin With Jordan:
    I search for River Treasure in some of the most beautiful places in the world! My friends and I dive down and look for lost valuables and try to get the items back to the owner! We clean up all the trash we find along the way! Join me on all my adventures here on YouTube!!

    Searching for Treasure Under $1,000,000 Dollar Boats!! (PartyBoat) | Jiggin' With Jordan

    Jiggin With Jordan
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  • Bella Godinez

    Bella Godinez

     21 hours ago

    I like Tristan since the first time i saw your videos😍😍

  • Mike nhgoldprospector

    Mike nhgoldprospector

     4 days ago

    Link to Tristan's channel ?
    Found it:

  • REYSEN_9 4

    REYSEN_9 4

     4 days ago

    Thanks for cleaning up the harbor btw I’m from there

  • A.K.A Mr.TurkeyReuben

    A.K.A Mr.TurkeyReuben

     7 days ago +1

    Mahalo's from Hawai'i

  • Dorothy Hart

    Dorothy Hart

     7 days ago

    #jiggin whith jordan treasure hunin love your videos and hope you can find alot more trash to clean up the world

  • Arron Whalley

    Arron Whalley

     7 days ago

    Wait did he really try that wind proof lighter under water 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • hannah elliott

    hannah elliott

     7 days ago +1

    me: thought he was gonna grab the other guys butt
    him: grabs a floating can
    me: oh

  • Jacob Hura

    Jacob Hura

     7 days ago

    Ok dumbass vsco girls you bout to tell me you get a Hydro flask to save the OCEAN yet you throw yur hydro flask in the water, and I oop

  • Sebastian Negron

    Sebastian Negron

     7 days ago

    the amount of trash made me feel depressed

  • Ashley2004


     7 days ago

    I found it so funny when u asked the subscriber that u met what he was doing and he said fishing even tho right behind him said no fishing in big letters

  • Js Bchad

    Js Bchad

     7 days ago

    Jordan! Metal detector!

  • Julie Steenwyk

    Julie Steenwyk

     7 days ago +1

    there was a dollar that you passed it looked like an 100 dollar bill

  • Mister Rage Rants

    Mister Rage Rants

     7 days ago

    That's fucking bullshit they should have just opened the fucking box, I'm done Unsubscribing

  • traybayny1


     14 days ago

    Too much talking

  • Christian Ferralli

    Christian Ferralli

     14 days ago

    That big wine bottle is gas station wine. It's about $8.

  • RX_J0Shua Games

    RX_J0Shua Games

     14 days ago

    This video came out on my birthday <3

  • PG Void

    PG Void

     14 days ago

    7:45 that noise

  • Evan McSpadden

    Evan McSpadden

     14 days ago

    Anyone think this guy is a good youyuber

  • GJL Creative Studios

    GJL Creative Studios

     14 days ago

    all of your assumptions are so hypebeast its hilarious

  • GJL Creative Studios

    GJL Creative Studios

     14 days ago

    I found a big empty wine bottle! That's amazing!!!! Unbelievable!! Craziest find ever!!! lmao