The BLAZER is Hurt!!! Testing the New Off Road Setup... (Went a Little Too Far)

  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019

    Thanks to Lakey Inspired for the vlog music!
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  • Kentucky Justice

    Kentucky Justice

     4 months ago

    Paint that thing with bed liner, get some rock sliders, then add fender bars (exoskeleton type). Anchor those bars to some aftermarket bumpers (winch bumper on front) and that thing will be a "go anywhere" tank.

  • Awesome Andrew

    Awesome Andrew

     5 months ago

    The tire will. Still rub when tire is pushed up off. Roading lol nice tho

  • Everett Brown

    Everett Brown

     8 months ago

    , hook it up man I want to see it

  • Motor\m/heaD


     8 months ago

    You should do a front solid axle swap!

  • EAST SIDE313

    EAST SIDE313

     9 months ago

    When ur creeping around doing tight maneuvers use low range, it's a lot easier on the truck because of the gear reduction, in my obs on 33s i always use low range and 2nd gear, sometimes 3rd u get better wheel spin and rpms outta the motor. Too sluggish in high.

  • Jake Daltorio

    Jake Daltorio

     9 months ago

    You still gonna rub around turns, especially elevated turns, Rule of thumb I follow is 1.5-2in from any part of wheel well, also in reverse you might rub backing out of parking spots

  • OnThe Canal

    OnThe Canal

     9 months ago

    Just coat it in Line-X

  • Mr1988MONSTER


     9 months ago

    I love that 1st gen dakota! More videos with that please!

  • Steven Carsley

    Steven Carsley

     10 months ago

    This is going to a great project . Lots of fun offroad.

  • Cutler Floyd

    Cutler Floyd

     10 months ago

    Ugliest wheels I’ve ever seen in my life



     10 months ago

    side note, "we recently bought land"..... :D America !

  • Naik van der Wielen

    Naik van der Wielen

     10 months ago

    playing in repeat

  • Devin Boyett

    Devin Boyett

     10 months ago

    Well if you didn't have a big retarded blazer

  • Blacklion 32

    Blacklion 32

     10 months ago

    Omg that fkn hurts😢

  • D.W.K


     10 months ago

    It’s a damn taho

  • 72Disco1998


     10 months ago

    I have a 99 D2 and that is some nice property you have. I would love to test my truck there, snow, mud would be awesome.

  • Soggytortilla06


     10 months ago

    What motor is in the blazer

  • Wild Gamers

    Wild Gamers

     10 months ago

    When are you getting the 720s back

  • Ninja 1

    Ninja 1

     10 months ago

    Starts at 9:00

  • pgduramax96


     10 months ago

    That really was painful to watch!! So many new scratches!! I feel the same buddy. True truck lover