FIRST START UP w/Ruby's New GIANT Single Turbo (Dual Tractor Flaps = +500hp!)

  • Published on:  Thursday, April 11, 2019
  • Pretty sure Leroy is getting a little worried...
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  • Killer Gaming

    Killer Gaming

     21 days ago

    Good god

  • Kurt Sumthinorother

    Kurt Sumthinorother

     28 days ago

    You gotta get a big brass bellmouth the size of a train horn.

  • Taydrum


     1 months ago

    how the hell can you see over the hood?

  • Ben Gill

    Ben Gill

     1 months ago

    Stick to building engines guys...those welds looked like dog shit haha! 10 points for effort but haha

  • douglass enriquez

    douglass enriquez

     1 months ago

    @Cleetus Mcfarland i can see Ol'Cleet would love for me to come weld for y'all ive been pipe welding for 22 years.... for Pepsi, Eastman Chemical co. And BAE Army ammunitions....

    Just a little friendly advice. (From 1 pipe welder to another) You always ball up your Tungsten when running high Frequency Aluminium & clean for all services to be welded with Acetone..... Makes all the difference in the world....
    Just give me a haller when you'd like for me to weld up some shit for ya.....

  • 33Ddg209Ret7


     1 months ago

    You guys need a tig slide rule!

  • moonshine camo

    moonshine camo

     1 months ago

    Those dimes are something ......

  • Ty Jones

    Ty Jones

     1 months ago

    You need to make sure you have it on ac to. You need it on ac cause it cleans as your welding so the contaminants don't effect it as much #forthefuture

  • William Danielson

    William Danielson

     1 months ago

    You guys should get Jody from weldingtipsandtricks to stop in for a day,get him to give you all some hands on training, and let him drive some of your stuff in exchange, it would be a great combination channel video :-)

  • Take madik

    Take madik

     2 months ago

    Wasnt this thing supposed to make 1000hp?

  • pav singh

    pav singh

     3 months ago

    12:44 pigeon shit

  • bob joe

    bob joe

     3 months ago

    Twin turbo!!!!!!!

  • Tyler Stine

    Tyler Stine

     4 months ago

    Welder dont sound right. Pulsing setting on? Yuck #2 fish eyes everywhere wouldnt clear an xray pass for the life of ya Haha. #3 use pure tungsten (green) sharpen to a point switch to DC positive and hit the pedal(quickly) you want a round tip on the tig when welding aluminum #4 take wall diameter and set amps roughly 15 amps above that wall thickness (that's a good start at least) and learn to feather that pedal. It's your best friend when tig welding stainless is an entirely different animal when pipe welding. Purge the pipe amps will be much lower setting DC negative sharp red tungsten (or orange which I prefer) and let it ride

  • Henry Magiera

    Henry Magiera

     4 months ago

    This reminds me of when i started tig welding with aluminum 😂😂

  • Remidly22 remy

    Remidly22 remy

     5 months ago

    LOL Reminded me of that one person from Star Wars with the thing that wraps around his neck XD

  • Sanders 2032

    Sanders 2032

     5 months ago

    This is Cletus has rebuild Channel but yet to see him do anything I watched four videos I think I'm going to stop

  • James Franklin ll

    James Franklin ll

     5 months ago

    Does James need welding lessons hahaha

  • JoManOut


     5 months ago


  • wade robinson

    wade robinson

     5 months ago

    As a fabricator welder by trade, watching you peanuts weld makes me want to punch a puppy.
    At least you're having a crack at it I guess haha. Love your vids boys but please stick to releasing the bald eagles rather than welding.

  • The Wrench master

    The Wrench master

     5 months ago

    Nice snail