Star Trek Picard Stolen Just Like Star Trek Discovery?

  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 24, 2019
  • Was the plot from Star Trek: Picard ripped off from Brian Fuller? Sounds very familiar to some of the things we have heard from the Star Trek Discovery lawsuit from Anas Abdin. Robert Meyer Burnett is reporting that he has heard the pitch for "Data and Picard" and it is very similar to what we all witnessed in the Star Trek Picard trailer. More shame on CBS and our beloved Star Trek franchise and involving Patrick Stewart and Michael Chabon makes it worse. We have gone from engage to ENRAGE.
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  • Eirexeyes


     5 days ago

    Is white not a colour?

  • DimitriYar


     7 days ago

    JJ Abrams steal also basicly the idea of Nikita and sell it a Alias !!!! Alex Kurzman is the best buddy of Jar Jar and you know what morans lead Star Trek !

  • JTB Jr

    JTB Jr

     21 days ago

    Doomed! Failure! Out? Enrage! You're starting to sound like a grumpy old man. You hate all but The Orville. I looked at a long list of YouTube recommendations while listening to this and your thumbnails were in the Negative Nerd category. Lighten up, man. It's sci-fi. I get the rage about stealing intellectual property. But, dude, you've got me on a cloaked flyby when I see the thumbnails. But, if that's what keeps the channel up and your subscribers coming back, more cowbell.

  • Akhnaton


     a months ago

    Accidentally on purpose

  • Dancestar1981


     a months ago +1

    Looks like they’ve stolen everything

  • robert watts

    robert watts

     a months ago

    And there are assholes over on the Star Trek Online Forums that are actually DEFENDING CBS and Co.

    I guess they want their Woke Trek so bad that they'll shill for a corporate giant over the little guy. Leftist love sucking the cocks of big multinational, global corporations.

  • Landry Prichard

    Landry Prichard

     a months ago

    It's basically because they just don't care, Gary. They have tons of money and lawyers and probably bribe judges. They are just going to do illegal shit. That's how bad it is now. They're attitude is, "Yeah? So? What are you gonna do about it?" Enraging indeed.

  • Mister Angel

    Mister Angel

     2 months ago

    It's simple. The hubris of companies like Disney and CBS makes them think EVERYTHING is theirs to own. Past, present and future. If you think of it it's still theirs. Greed will destroy them in the end. High Corp theft is now protected by corruption and greed. The movie and television world have become moloch. Crushing ruthlessly everything in their path just because they can. Individuals mean nothing to them. They serve only themselves.

  • Mike H

    Mike H

     2 months ago

    fkn looks like it. prepare for dissapointment.

  • sulijoo


     2 months ago +1

    All of a sudden the title of the final episode of TNG 'All Good Things...' seems ironic.

  • David Porter

    David Porter

     2 months ago +1

    Gary, that's all called theft and stealing, here where I live. The laws must be different for Hollywood related matters!

  • Miss S.O.J.

    Miss S.O.J.

     2 months ago

    It's demoralizing. They steal our stuff! They even steal EACH OTHER'S STUFF!!!! At least we know now (sortof) how bad it is...

  • The Cost

    The Cost

     2 months ago

    Sue bro, sue the shit out of them until they pay you what they owe you.

  • Kevin Ryan

    Kevin Ryan

     2 months ago

    "I am shocked! Shocked to find there is gambling going on here!"

  • FunkMastaMegaFlex


     2 months ago

    Why the fuck they named her Michael lol. Thank god I have never watched this shit.

  • hyperiontheevil


     3 months ago

    Some people just cant wait to shit on an idea even before they have seen it.

  • Erwin Ekkel

    Erwin Ekkel

     3 months ago

    It's gonna suck... Remember discovery...

  • Pug Tortuga

    Pug Tortuga

     3 months ago

    Bryan Fullers pitch sounds amazing. Why couldn’t that of happened....damn it.

  • Hugh tube

    Hugh tube

     3 months ago +1

    Alex Kurtzman makes stuff i wanna watch, unlike you

  • Doctor Enigma

    Doctor Enigma

     3 months ago

    Hollywood is incapable of making anything original, When Hollywood crashes all these franchises into oblivion with their forced diversity agenda what will they do? Is the green acres movie coming? Oh, but the three white girls will be two black women and a gay man