LS Fest LAS VEGAS Day 1: The Auction Corvette's Fastest Pass EVER! (Testing & Qualifying)

  • Published on:  Saturday, May 4, 2019
  • What could be better? We're in Las Vegas with our favorite people and favorite two Corvettes. Holley performance puts on an awesome race!
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  • daniel dallego

    daniel dallego

     3 months ago

    Damn dude... talking about ruby while your staging leroy? Thats like talking about your girlfriend while your boning your wife dude! Have some manners! Lol

  • Adrian S

    Adrian S

     3 months ago

    I was in the background

  • Jaybruhh Wolf

    Jaybruhh Wolf

     4 months ago

    James is always breaking stuff lol

  • Kingone134


     5 months ago

    By the looks. I think it’s time for a second parachute

  • anthony sul

    anthony sul

     5 months ago

    lopsided headers are no good, throw another turbo on

  • Brett Vonscott

    Brett Vonscott

     5 months ago

    You have way too many ads in this it stopped me like 6-7 times

  • 206 guy

    206 guy

     5 months ago

    The bug flyin around at like 8:32 had me ready to swat me phone, Tricky bastard.

  • Jicky Brown

    Jicky Brown

     6 months ago

    Hey guys, I run 5.8s all day long on DoorSlammers2... try moving the dot thingy on the side of your car, it just adjust the traction. Made a huge diff for mine. Enjoys the vids guys

  • drfrenchfry


     6 months ago

    Cooper with that Sunhat is pretty relatable

  • Jolly Joe Rants

    Jolly Joe Rants

     6 months ago

    That bog deep bit killed me

  • randall jr Benoit

    randall jr Benoit

     6 months ago

    As a pro you dont bet RED or black you bet that 3row section there is 2 of them if you bet 1 of each =66% of winning 6x your $

    If you bet 1 it's a 33% chance & 3x your $

    None of any of this or anything else you'll bet matters because even the red & black is 33% chance because u don't account for green =0/00

    I always bet 0/00 BOTH sometimes i bet 123/0/00 or heavy heavy on 2/0/00!

    Thier is also the 1- 18 & 19- 36 bet 1 of each & you'll yield some $ but it's gambling and they will always always ALWAYS have the upper hand.... try this & you should win 1:3 times you try it!

  • David Kelm

    David Kelm

     6 months ago


  • adrianspeeder


     6 months ago +2

    KC-10 from Travis. "No kick ass without tanker gas."

  • Burndown


     6 months ago

    I was at LS Fest West and these cars are something to see in person! Cleetus was also very cool. I was able to give him a few of my stickers and chop it up for a bit on Sunday afternoon when things slowed down a bit and he had a few minutes. Sometimes you meet guys from youtube or celebrities in person and its disappointing, well if you get the chance to meet Cleetus you should, he was a nice guy and cool to talk to! Thanks for putting on a show at LS Fest and I look forward to next years event. Hope to see you out agin one of these days man.


  • Rotor Ryan

    Rotor Ryan

     6 months ago

    Slick drivin fellas.

    You still have too much fuel in Ruby's 2step. Your best run was when you lost fuel pressure and she's blowing black smoke

    Them new bald eagles are twisting Leroy's Frame up good or it was broad sided before it was a vette cart. No one cuts up a good vette.

  • Jimmy Tweedale

    Jimmy Tweedale

     6 months ago

    Cleeter McSkeeter boogggin deep n doin it for Dale

  • Mikeal Brailsford

    Mikeal Brailsford

     6 months ago


  • Thisisname


     6 months ago

    Cleetus, the reason you never buy a used rental car.

  • jase stevens

    jase stevens

     6 months ago

    Lol love how the KC-10 is in the middle of a landing hahahahahaha

  • Daniel Wilson

    Daniel Wilson

     6 months ago

    Nice shot of that Travis KC-10 Extender!