Buying My DREAM TOY and Having the Time of My Life With It! (Can-am X3 Turbo RR)

  • Published on:  Friday, August 30, 2019
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  • Bryon Sparkman

    Bryon Sparkman

     7 days ago

    The wheels seen kinda small makes it look a little weird

  • Rc Wil

    Rc Wil

     14 days ago

    I will give you my mustang for it

  • smithbrothers125


     14 days ago


  • JUSTA SpeeD seeker

    JUSTA SpeeD seeker

     14 days ago

    I literally live three miles from the mounds wish I would have known you were coming 👍

  • Adam USMC

    Adam USMC

     14 days ago

    dude that looks so damn fun, its awesome to see you able to do stuff like this, not just work yall asses off. love it

  • Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy

     21 days ago


  • John Baxter

    John Baxter

     21 days ago

    How did you guys get that whole arrivals lane to yourself...I was waiting for the honking horns and ticked off taxis...

  • Llama Cebu

    Llama Cebu

     21 days ago

    You should have wraplife (Justin) do a custom wrap with mountain Dew colors/logo

  • Peter Carl Böer

    Peter Carl Böer

     21 days ago

    Cleetus MudFarland

  • Elvis N

    Elvis N

     28 days ago

    Lift it twice as tall and go over 40s then bring it to mud nationals

  • Itz Obeyy

    Itz Obeyy

     28 days ago

    You and Adam Lz need to bog deep in the these together so bad😝😝

  • Barry Hadar

    Barry Hadar

     28 days ago

    I like the video where are you from Florida I’m from West Palm Beach and where you can go in Florida to ‏ride?

  • James Hinson

    James Hinson

     1 months ago

    Must be nice

  • OleNasty79


     1 months ago

    Now you're speakin' my language! Come on over to Hog Waller in Palatka, Florida sometime Cleetus!

  • Ezequiel Rodriguez

    Ezequiel Rodriguez

     1 months ago

    How much for ‘99 Camaro?

  • Primecutpro


     1 months ago

    That thing is a beast 14:39

  • Gabriel Cake

    Gabriel Cake

     1 months ago

    I sell these for a living and they are completely bonkers fun man... You ain't lived until you've covered yourself in mud at 40 mph in a x3t

  • Tyler Wilson

    Tyler Wilson

     1 months ago

    one of the best videos in the past couple days!

  • Chad Warner

    Chad Warner

     1 months ago

    Feel like that mud part you should hit this up cuz you're in Florida and they do this every year and I've been doing this since I was a kid it's called The Pumpkin Run

  • JoshLV


     1 months ago

    cleetus went to the mounds and i wasnt invited?!