Off Grid Heating Prototype- Copper Coil Water Heater / Heat Exchanger / Radiant Heater

  • Published on:  Saturday, August 31, 2019
  • With an ammo box, mason jar, and copper coil, I constructed an off grid water heater / heat exchanger / space heater.

    Important to note:
    - Notice that this is an "open" system. Meaning that I made sure to leave a vent hole to prevent any pressure buildup.
    - This system is not for drinking or cooking, as the ammo can and other components are definitely not food grade rated. I designed this as an experimental heater only.
    - Once the water became hot enough, I made sure to remove the copper coil from the fire, to ensure that the temperature tolerances of the hoses and fittings would not be exceeded.
    - And of course this is a prototype, meaning that it's not perfect, but something I've been working to develop further.
    - The copper obviously isn't designed to be set directly in fire, but I simply wanted to see if the concept of heating with copper was possible. Now my goal is find a way to shield the copper from the flames in order to protect it from degradation.

    Outsider Store:

    Here's a list of materials I used for the project:
    Copper Coil-
    Tall Ammo Box-
    Metal Braided Flexy Hose-
    Rain Barrel Spigot-
    Copper Pipe Connector-
    Candy Thermometer-
    Digital Aquarium Thermometer-

    Snowmobile Camper Series:

    Other equipment I use on a regular basis:
    Trail Cam:
    Fiskars Axe-
    Pocket Knife-
    Fixed Blade Knife-
    Solar Power Bank:
    Solar Panel (similar)-
    Propane Cook Stove-
    Little Power Bank-
    Handheld flashlight:
    Camping Wood Stove-
    Backup Camcorder-
    Flexible Tripod-
    Cordless Drills-
    Chainsaw (Poulan)-
    Chainsaw (Echo)-